About Us

A La Gallarie is a late 1800s Georgian Manor.  Situated on an acre of pristine gardens along the scenic Niagara Parkway which runs beside the  Niagara River to Historic Queenston Heights and world famous Niagara Falls.

Return to the tranquility of the 1800s.  Our luxurious accommodations have breathtaking views of the Niagara River. The house is in pristine condition and has been fully restored.  All of the turn of the century detail has been left intact preserving its original splendor.

Originally this home was part of the Larkin Farms. The owner was John Larkin of Buffalo New York.  In 1875 John Larkin set up the JD Larkin Manufacturer of Plain & Fancy Soaps on Chicago St.  Business grew quickly and he built more factories on Seneca St.  It became stock company called The Larkin Soup Manufacturing Co.  John Larkin became a very successful industrialist building a catalogue order business comparable to Sears.  John Larkin owned over 200 acres in Niagara-on-the-Lake with various fruit and animal farms on the lots.  A La Gallarie was the main house for these farms and is still surrounded by fruit & animal farms which were later subdivided and sold.  There is a road behind the house named after Larkin and many of the old barns still stand.  They were well built using concrete silos and foundations.  John built many farm houses in small bungalow Frank L Wright styles for his farm workers.  Six of these bungalows still stand.  There are three on the Niagara Parkway  and three on Line 6.  Frank L Wright visited John Larkin and his wife in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  He also designed the Larkin Administration Building in Buffalo NY.  Unfortunately it was torn down in 1950.  There is little known about the Frank L Wright and Niagara-on-the-Lake connection but John D Larkin and his business partners Darwin D Martin and William R Heath clearly employed Frank L Wright. The Darwin D. Martin and the William R. Heath house still stand in Buffalo New York.

A man named Ramsey lived in A La Gallarie and ran the farm for John Larkin.  It was a self sufficient working farm having fruit, vegetables, animals including the first Merino Sheep.

During WWI from 1917 to 1919 the Farmerettes who were both city & town women were brought to rural areas by the government to take over farm work after the men were called to war.  Some were lodged in the barn behind A La Gallarie.

The land has since been subdivided and is still farmed.  A La Gallarie is surrounded by farms.  These farms have grown into some of the best wineries in the world.  The one acre parcel that holds A La Gallarie has since been a residential home and art gallery, hence the name A La Gallarie.

In 2002 the house was destroyed by a major fire and it took seven years to restore it to its present day elegance.  It has been a long struggle but you will agree that  A La Gallarie is very special & unique offering the best of B&B experiences.

A La Gallarie has three large comfortable ground floor rooms with private bathrooms (en-suites) and queen sized beds.

A La Gallarie is a short journey back in history but is connect to the present via wireless Internet.  The grounds offer comfortable sitting areas on the front porch, a large flagstone patio at the back of the house and a pool area secluded by the secret garden at the back of the property.  This peaceful property offers the comforts and privacy to read a book enjoy a sip of wine or just relax by the pool.  No matter what your interests are, this is your place.